we offer a welcoming non-judgmental atmosphere that embraces a variety of techniques to center, balance, and encourage positive change . 


  Let's Talk is a Science - Spiritual concept which combines traditional mental health therapies with alternative practices to provide a comprehensive mind / body / spirit experience. Stress & life issues do not affect just one section of our lives and should not be treated as such. At Let's Talk, we have made a concerted effort to study the mind body spirit connections academically and through personal practice. It doesn't matter if you want spiritual / life coaching, need a few sessions to help negotiate a specific hurtle, or desire a long term counseling relationship - you will receive a truly holistic experience.

I specialize in CR-PTSD and other stress related issues such as long term abuse & long term health issues. I believe much of the physical pain and behavioral issues associated with stress / anxiety issues are resolved in the emotional / spiritual resolution and acceptance of ... That is where the work begins.


I offer a completely individualized interactive recovery experience, which can include art therapy, meditation, goal orientated therapy, Reiki sessions, massage (given by a licensed massage therapist - not me), traditional counseling therapy, soul card creation, group therapy, family interactions / sessions (if desired) and much more. Come for information stay for recovery


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Specializing in

Trauma / PTSD (Combat - and Civilian )

Behavioral issues

Long Term or Chronic stress issues such as child or domestic abuse

Life Coaching


Types of presenting issues:

Anger Management


Chronic Pain




Family Conflict


Relationship Issues



Transgender concerns

Traumatic Brain Injury

Women's Issues