Let's Talk is a Science - Spiritual concept which combines traditional mental health therapies with spiritual and alternative practices to provide a comprehensive mind/ body / spirit experience.  Stress and life issues do not affect just one section of our lives and should not be treated as such.  Here at Let's Talk, we have made a concerted effort to study the many ways each of the 3 elements can influence the others.  

It doesn't matter if you want spiritual readings / guidance, need a few sessions to help negotiate a specific hurtle, or  desire a long term counseling relationship - you will receive a whole person holistic experience.      


Has a Masters  in Counseling, and A Bachelor's in  Social Work, She has been a Reiki Master for over 20 years, and a practicing psychic in the Omaha area for close to 23.  She served in the Air Force for 13 years - so military personal and families are very important to her practice and scope of study.  She concentrated her major and thesis work on Combat Related PTSD - branching out into co-morbid occurrences (such as dependency issues ) and eventually into domestic abuse and long-term stress issues . She has been a panelist, providing readings and White Light Energy Work at spiritual festivals and anime/syfy conventions through out the mid-west under the name of Spiritual healings by Dani and MydKnight Star Studios.  She is a spiritual advisor  and reader in SALEM MS. during their annual PhysicFair in OCT, where over a million tourists attend each year.   Let's Talk was opened after her graduation from Creighton University where she studied world religions, art, and sociology along with her major subject matter.  

It is her foundation of practice that no matter the issue presented all three (mind - body - and spirit ) must be addressed in order to balance the whole person.           

Specializing in

Trauma / PTSD (Combat - and Civilian )

Behavioral issues

Long Term or Chronic stress issues such as child or domestic abuse

Life Coaching


Types of presenting issues:

Anger Management


Chronic Pain




Family Conflict


Relationship Issues



Transgender concerns

Traumatic Brain Injury

Women's Issues