At Let's Talk, We offer many spiritual services to aid and increase personal well being, happiness, and balance in an individuals life.

Stress Management = Provider Dani = This service is a combination of all and more in Dani's magic bag of tricks to take each client from where they are to where they want to be.

White Light Energy work = Provider - Dani  = She was born with the gift of laying on of hands, often described as cooling touch by clients with issues causing inflammation within the body - this process of moving universal energy through the clients body to ease out blockages, negativity, and dis-ease in the body and mind/spirit. 

Tarot Readings = Provider Dani or Kat = Each reader is unique , with different styles and energies.  Both read from a couple different traditional tarot and oracle decks to find what energy's are right for the client.

Reiki Provider - Dani = Dani is a Reiki Master.  

Palmistry = Provider - Kat = Kat is a second generation physic who has been practicing palmistry for 17 years.  She studied at a young age with Richard Webster: who would take time each year he came to our local spiritual shop (for book signings) to teach and encourage her talent.

Guided Meditation = Provider Dani or Kat = Guided Meditation can be provided to individuals or as a group or class. 

Chakra / Aura Balancing = Provider Dani or Kat = The free movement of your energy through the Auric field and through the chakra centers is essential to a balanced life and a general feeling of well being.  When either of these two systems are blocked or house negative emotions/energy then the effect will be seen in our lives and physical bodies.  This service helps unblock, maintain, and heal these critical systems in our mind/body/spirit.

Soul Cards = Provider Dani or Kat =  This interactive service combines spiritual guidance and or traditional mental health therapy with Art therapy to create a personalized deck of emotion driven cards to guide the client to a desired emotional state when they experience stressful events or times in their lives. 

Inter-child expressionism/color therapy/game therapy = This eclectic service is the umbrella title for several services which allow the client to feel at home and in control of there environment and sharing levels.  Stressed from a long day and just want to unwind for a bit, chat with a good listener, while having your hands occupied with a task that is not tasking.  We can color in an adult color book, play a game of uno or sorry ect.., or watch some TV of your choice.  Should you decide to talk about the day - it is totally confidential,





Specializing in

Trauma / PTSD (Combat - and Civilian )

Behavioral issues

Long Term or Chronic stress issues such as child or domestic abuse

Life Coaching


Types of presenting issues:

Anger Management


Chronic Pain




Family Conflict


Relationship Issues



Transgender concerns

Traumatic Brain Injury

Women's Issues